Nagasaki Museum of History & Culture

An exceptional museum housing 48,000 displays in one building

This museum features the nationally prominent theme of the history of overseas exchanges. It was established when Nagasaki Prefecture and Nagasaki City jointly collaborated in its construction and operation, the first such effort in the country. The exhibition mainly comprises three zones - historical culture, the Nagasaki Magistrate's Office, and project exhibits. The permanent historical culture zone contains exhibits of valuable materials on the theme of recent historical exchanges with Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain, China and Korea. It also features a hands-on workshop experience with a collection of exhibits of Nagasaki's traditional industrial arts of exceptional quality and quantity, all perfected through international trade and assembled in one building. The Nagasaki Magistrate's Office Zone contains a reconstruction of part of the Tateyama Government Branch of the Nagasaki Magistrate's Office. It also includes entertaining reenactments of courtroom scenes from the period. Two must-see exhibits are the important cultural properties - crime notebooks from the Nagasaki's Magistrate Office and "trample tablets" used in Christian persecution.

  • Location: 1-1-1 Tateyama
  • Hours: 08:30-19:00
  • Open throughout the year, except the 3rd Tuesday of the month (or 3rd Wednesday if 3rd Tuesday is a national holiday).
  • Entrance Fee: Adults: ¥600, Aged 15-17: ¥400, Aged 6-14: ¥300
  • Website (in Japanese)
Nagasaki Museum of History & Culture
Nagasaki Museum of History & Culture

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