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Festivals & Events from July to September

Evening Hours at the Glover Garden

The Glover Garden has extended evening hours until 21:30 during the summer period. Mini concerts are held on weekend evenings.

Period: Mid-July to mid-October
Location: Glover House

Nagasaki Peiron Championship

Traditional Summertime Event in Nagasaki

Festival Dates: Last weekend in July
Festival Location: Matugae International Cruise Ship Terminal, Nagasaki Harbor

Details Located Here

Nagasaki Bayside Festival

This is Nagasaki's great summer festival commemorating the time when the Port of Nagasaki was the center of the city's prosperity. The festival features fireworks, a dance festival and a cruise on a sailing ship.

Period: Late July
Location: Throughout the Port of Nagasaki

Gion Festival

The Gion Festival has become a familiar summer sight. The Yasaka Shrine compound sells the popular ground cherry, which is believed to ward off evil.

Period: July 23-July 28
Location: Yasaka Shrine

Shoro Nagashi (Spirit Boat Procession)

The Floating Lanterns Festival is held on the evening of August 15. It is a tradition in Nagasaki that, on the first Obon (August 15) following the death of a family member, one places the soul of the deceased into a boat and sends it on a voyage to paradise.

Period: August 15
Location: In Shianbashi, Kenchozaka, Ohato, and other neighborhoods of Nagasaki

Chinese Bon Festival

This is the Chinese Bon Festival when many Chinese assemble from all over Japan to comfort the souls of their ancestors. The shrine precincts are decorated with exotic items from China. The highlight is on the final day, when beautiful decorations of gold and silver mines are burned.

Period: August 30-September 1
Location: Sofukuji Temple

Nagasaki Settlement Festival

This festival features a variety of events including the ceremony to honor Thomas Glover, an elegant tea party, a parade with period costumes and a mini concert.

Period: Saturday and Sunday in late September
Location: Glover Garden, Minami-yamate and Higashi-yamate

Confucius Memorial Festival

This festival commemorates the birth of Confucius. The ceremony is a revival of a Ming Dynasty ceremony that has been carried on in China since ancient times. It is a very impressive festival.

Date: Annually on the last Saturday in September
Location: Confucius Temple


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